Our Philosophy at The FitRoom

The FitRoom’s training philosophy: We select our trainers, but we also select our clients.

The choice is based on their goal and their mindset. If you choose to work with us, your physical aptitude does not really matter but your attitude definitely does. We believe that everyone can become an athlete. You don’t have to be a champion to start with us, but you do need to have the right approach.

Do you love hard work?
Are you eager to learn and change?
Do you like athletic physiques?
Are you ready for long-term commitments?

If you just answered yes to all of these questions and if the 5 requirements here below do not stop you … then we definitely want to train you!

> You must not fear hard work!

You need to work in the gym and the kitchen!

If you don’t do your homework, do not expect results. Of course, we can help you to set up the right nutritional plan for you. This is par of The FitRoom training philosophy. 

> You must love athletic physiques!

Be fit, be healthy!

You must love athletic physiques, as opposed to the skinny models’ bodies you see in the fashion industry and women’s magazines.

We do not want clients repeating those awful words we hear too often: “I don’t want to gain too much muscle”. If you want to build muscle and strength, you have found the right trainers. Especially if you are a woman, because we love to make women strong, muscular and beautiful.

> You must be eager to learn!

Learn about Fitness, Strength, Food

You must be eager to learn and change and be open-minded. Do not come with your preconceptions. Our Personal Trainers will also publish news on our site to keep you up-to-date with interesting facts.

> You must envisage long-term work!

Long-term results!

We’re talking about at least one year, and ideally several years.

We’re not interested in having a lot of new clients. Our training philosophy: We want to follow a few dedicated ones for years. Significant results are not achieved within months but within years. We consider you are a beginner for a decade, so do not expect a new body in 6 months. The key is consistency and patience. Where you start off from doesn’t matter. Making small but constant progress is what we expect. People often tell us: “Wow, you must work so hard to stay fit!” Our answer is always the same: “We do work hard, but more importantly we are consistent.”

You must also be prepared to invest some significant time in training. No one has changed her/his physique without making the process a high priority. You need to train 3 to 4 times a week to start changing your physique. Twice a week is definitely a waste of time. If you want drastic changes and/or are advanced, 5 or 6 sessions a week are necessary. Too often we see people training twice a week for years without any significant change. Don’t be this person. The “I don’t have time” excuse is not valid. It’s simply that training is not your priority. You don’t have to train every time with us, because we understand that budget can be a problem, but we do not take clients training less than twice a week with us.

If you want results, you can also not skip sessions every time conditions are not optimal. Traveling, being tired, being busy, being bored, having a party: this will always happen in life. If you skip a session every time there is a disruption in your life, we know that you will stagnate at best.

> You must be ready to work on your physique and health!

Fitness is a 24/7 job!

Not only in the gym but 24/7 at home, at work, at the restaurant, when you travel.

There are 168 hours in a week. What will have the biggest impact on your physique? The 4 times 45 minutes you will (hopefully) spend in the gym, or the 165 other hours? Your lifestyle, including (but not only) your diet, can determine if your workouts are productive or not.

Whilst training is wonderful and will certainly help you lose fat and tone up, the biggest changes to your physique will always come down to what you eat.

You simply can’t out-train a bad diet.

Some people say nutrition is 70% of the game, while others say it’s 80 or even 90%… We say it’s 100%. But lifting heavy, overloading your muscles… that’s also 100% of the game. And…being properly hydrated…and having the right attitude.

The FitRoom training philosophy is: the building blocks of a great body are more like pillars than puzzle pieces. Weaken one and the whole structure collapses. You can not build a great physique if you don’t train correctly but also if you don’t give your body proper nutritional support. Performance, and thus muscle growth, is stunted by dehydration. And your progression will be lackluster if you don’t train with the right attitude. That’s why we want you to be 100% about each aspect of our programs. Let the weak and undisciplined give only 60% in their training, 30% in their diet or 40% in their attitude.