Real hard work pays off


Lionel is a serious trainer with excellent facilities in the heart of Brussels.

It was a feeling of relief to find a trainer of such high calibre that can also train in english and is friendly for expats. Training with him requires serious dedication which is matched only by his unwavering attention to your goals and progress. As a female who is not typically athletic or active and unfamiliar with the gym, I struggled to gain body mass and muscle for years. With a focus on leg work I have increased in muscle mass by 10 kilo in just under 6 months. With Lionel, real hard work pays off with real results.

Allele Reid

I lost more than 20 kg


A year back, I weighed 95kg for a height of 1m67. Since working with Lionel and Valeria, I lost more than 20 kgs and my current weight is 73 kg (a mere 5 kgs from reaching my goal weight of 68kg).

My weight loss journey started on 18 April 2017, when I sent a mail to Lionel to tell him I was struggling to lose weight and asking him to help me out. Lionel was very quick in replying back and we met within 2 days of me sending out the mail. Lionel is very committed to help people become fitter. Lionel prepared my nutrition plan and I trained with Valeria.


I am leaner and stronger


During few years, I was joining fitness group lessons and Pilates and ‘taking care’ of my food intake.
However, I realized that was not enough, I was gaining fat discreetly and slowly.

Then I met Lionel and Valeria. I followed the nutrition plan with Lionel and the body training with Valeria. The nutrition plan is personalized. The training also considering body build and limitations (previous injuries, pain etc). Then I realized what I was doing wrong before and what it is most important: to be constant and strict with yourself. Exceptions should not become ‘normal’. Valeria is an excellent trainer, she pushes me at my maximum capacity until the last minute of our session. She is also patient, very friendly and passionate about her work.

It has been the best personal project I have done: My initial objective was to lose 5 kilos in 6 months and I did it…even before the 6 months’ target! Nowadays I am leaner and stronger. I really enjoyed the sales as I was able to find nice clothes that I liked and that fitted!


“Meeting Valeria has been life-changing”

I have been training one on one with Valeria for over a year.  Since then, I have lost weight, gained strength, and I am more confident. Meeting Valeria has been life-changing, not only has my physical aspect been altered, but my psychological state of mind has improved as well. I continue working out with her because I have new physical goals to attain, but mostly because I need my weekly dose of good energy, of positivity. If you want to be motivated and reach new heights, you have to be trained by the best. And the best is someone like Valeria, who not only has a strong knowledge base but is in perpetual pursuit of excellence, not only for herself but for her clients as well.


“My body has dramatically changed”

I have never been fat. I only wanted to become leaner and fitter…but, as a lazy person, I have always spent my time following crazy and illogical diets rather than doing sport. The first time I entered a gym to start doing some serious workout was just last May…I was already in my 40 and I had just met Lionel. Since the very beginning he provided me with exhaustive explanations about the right nutrition to follow and the type of workouts we would have done together according to my goals. Since then my habits have completely changed. Now I pay more attention to what I eat and I go regularly to the gym. I must confess…I am still a lazy person and I still don’t like to go to the gym but I do it! And I do it because of Lionel who knows how to motivate me and, more importantly, because of the results I have achieved thanks to his help. He makes me work hard and he pushes my physical limits. But he knows also when to stop or how to motivate me when I’m about to give up. We work hard together but working hard pays off! I don’t know how much muscle mass I have gained so far but it is sure that the shape of my body has dramatically changed since last May and I like it much more than before! Now I feel much more confident and I am proud of myself! Thanks Lionel for your professionalism and for your help.


“Expert trainer in a modern, well maintained training studio with ample equipment”

The FitRoom is an ideal solution for my training needs. A demanding session with an expert trainer in a modern, well maintained training studio with ample equipment — it ticks all my boxes. Highly recommended!